Criminal Defense

Your liberty is at stake — we’re here to help.

If you have been charged with a crime in federal or state court, you have an understandable amount of anxiety and myriad questions. Your liberty is at stake. We’re here to help you understand the nature of your legal situation and form a plan designed for success. Our firm prioritizes client service, which often means crisis management. We understand that a criminal defense problem can have a ripple effect in a defendant’s life—even an arrest can cause irreparable collateral damage. Having the right counsel is critical. We have the experience and approach needed to mitigate the devastating effect a criminal charge can bring.

Our firm represents criminal defendants in state and federal courts from their first appearance through trial and on appeal. We litigate a broad range of matters, from complex criminal matters, such as wire fraud and insider trading, to misdemeanor and violent felony offenses. Our firm also represents foreign nationals facing extradition to the United States for criminal prosecution.

Our mission is simple—in each case, we do everything possible to achieve success.

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