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Your liberty is at stake—we’re here to help.
If you have been charged with a crime in federal or state court, you have an understandable amount of anxiety and a myriad of questions. Your liberty is at stake. We’re here to help you understand the nature of your legal situation and form a plan designed for success. Our firm prioritizes client service, which often means crisis management.
If you are being investigated, time is not on your side.
If you have been served a subpoena for documents, bank records or testimony, or otherwise believe you are the target of Government investigators, please contact us today. Government investigations require the right plan of action, which can only be carried out by experienced counsel.
Proven strategies for the most intricate legal issues.

We understand—you have complicated and unique legal problems. You need immediate answers.

Our Mission

For over fifteen years, Christopher Madiou has defended hundreds of clients in criminal and civil matters in federal and state courts. We understand the unique stress defendants face and our practice prioritizes clients’ peace of mind. Our firm’s approach is designed to ease anxiety, demystify the legal process and, most importantly, help our clients achieve their specific goals.

Our mission is simple—in each case, we do everything possible to achieve success.

When you’re faced with overwhelming legal problems, you need an immediate plan and experienced counsel to carry it out. We’re here to help.

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